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Our mission is simple:
To help ease the suffering of the world.

As the world retreated in the early months of the COVID-19 outbreak, people around the world withdrew to evaluate how best to move forward as this new and unknown virus began to spread.  Late at night a group of senior Pranic Healers gathered to better understand the energetic impact, the COVID-19 virus was having on friends and relatives who contracted it.  Night after night, hours were spent understanding the energetic effects on the different organs and chakras of the body.  Pranic Healing techniques were done remotely each night and progress was monitored and documented.  Over the passing weeks it became clear how this Pranic Healing community would proceed in helping the impact of COVID-19 on our friends, family and the world at large. A Pranic Healing Protocol for COVID-19 was established and distributed to groups as they start to heal affected subjects in their respective areas. 


Dr. Glenn J. Mendoza, a practicing physician with Masters in Public Health and one of eight Master Pranic Healers world-wide, led this group of late-night healers as they dispersed themselves under his guidance to gather and lead other Pranic Healers into over 60 “Healing Pods” globally with roughly 600 healers and implemented what they learned in their late-night research.

Project Hope for Healing continues their efforts to help as many people as possible heal through their COVID-19 illness and are expanding their vision toward what the future holds for their collective, world-wide efforts.

Image by Tyler Nix
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